Chromite Sand is a naturally occurring spinel consisting primarily of the oxides of chrome and iron. It is a by-product of Ferro-chrome production and is mainly used in foundry applications and in glass production.


  • Low thermal expansion = minimal amount of fines, no need for adjustment when using binder
  • Uniform chemistry and quality = sourced direct form single chrome ore source
  • Minimal mineral impurities = prevents uncontrolled bonding or sintering processes that could lead to metal penetration
  • Higher thermal conductivity = more rapid cooling, uniform solidification, even with different wall thicknesses
  • Exellent refractoriness = better surfaces, less cleaning
  • Magnetic properties = can be recycled several times
  • High specific gravity = reduced floating of the cores, long and thin cores can be produced.


  • Chromite Sand in the foundry industry

Foundry sand forms the mold in which molten metal is contained until the metal solidifies in the desired shape.
The sand is washed, graded, and dried beforehand. Because silica sand is refractory, common, and inexpensive, it is
the most widely used mineral for foundry sand; other sand (e.g. zircon, olivine, or chromite) may be chosen,
however, depending on physical or chemical conditions.
The use of chromite foundry sand is a modern development. Chromite foundry sand is used in the ferrous and
copper casting industries.

  • Chromite Sand in the glass industry

When ground to a fine flour, Chromite Sand is used for the production of green glass beverage containers.

  • Chromite Sand in the steel industry

Chromite sand is compatible with steel casting. It is typically used as facing sand in heavy section (greater than 4
ton) casting and enjoys a technical advantage over silica sand in casting austenitic manganese steel (chromite sand
does not react with the manganese in steel). Because chromite and zirconia have higher melting temperatures than
silica, they are chosen when casting temperatures exceed those acceptable for silica sand.

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