Gilsonite is used in different industries as a resin for waterproofing purposes, for example in Automobile industry and pipe coatings.
It is also used for preventing the pipes from corrosion and it acts as an additive in pipe isolator, which increases the pipe life significantly.

Gilsonite is utilized in a wide range of applications in Ink & Paint industries. Applying Gilsonite in this segment is used as weatherproofing paint bonding and fade-resisting stain pigments, while there will be an economical approach as well. The application is widely considered for Bitumen-based paints 

Adding Gilsonite improves UV resistance and general chemical resistance.

Gilsonite has been used as the first wet carbon agent in black inks for newspapers and magazines. High concentrations of Gilsonite have been used in newspaper printing inks. The main usage of this material is for dispersing black carbon particles that comprise the black color of the printing inks. This material is used in black ink as a cost-effective replacement for other resins. Moreover, in wood paintings it is used as dark brown paint. Due to the unique chemical and physical qualities of Gilsonite, it can lend useful characteristics to paints and polishing finishes.


  • Cheap additives for Anti-corrosion paints, Paint for wood & Pipe coating paints
  • Higher viscosity inks used in newspapers, magazines and periodicals
  • Printing uniform black color with high quality for Ink Industry
  • Increase the distributive characteristic of the Ink
  • Maintain color stability against harmful light
  • Used in Bitumen base paint for insulation of water tankers, Fishing boats & Protective Walls

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