For High-Value Iron Castings, Gilsonite Performs Like No Other.

Foundries around the world have known for decades that – when put to the fire of molten iron – Gilsonite brings high performance to your foundry sand.

For your complex, high-value iron castings, Natural Bitumen performs like no other carbon additive. Gilsonite’s naturally superior properties mean high-quality castings with better finish and fewer imperfections.

Gilsonite High Lustrous Carbon Content improves the final quality of the finishing significantly, and it is very suitable for molding high value metals. Also the mold release is more effective, with presence of Gilsonite as the Gas Generation is twice higher than sea coal. Carbonic Nature of Natural bitumen adapts to the high temperature molding procedures well and reduces the reaction between the casting and the mold.

Using the Gilsonite in foundry sands as a carbon additive instead of Sea coal which is the conventional item for this application, can bring many advantages which are, the increase of hot resistance, increasing the pure (dry) resistance, decreasing the penetration and increasing the hardness of the mold.

The key factor for using Gilsonite as foundry sand additives is the high lustrous carbon content, which also includes a good amount of fixed carbon within. The key matter is adding a secondary layer of graphite while the layer made from Gilsonite carbon prevents the generation of Carbon Monoxide to the Graphite Layer. This procedure is called creating a reductive atmosphere.

While lustrous carbon content, as an important factor in high value metal foundry, provides a better finish for molding, the gas generation provided by the Gilsonite is 3 times more than sea coal. This results an upgraded mold release.

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